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Thank You

To those that set the shows up and those who keep them running. Without the collaboration of many talented humans it would be impossible to continue as a freelancer in this industry.

Below is a list of production staff and suppliers that Philip works with and  wants to acknowledge and thank them.

Production Electricians:

Gaz Clowes, Ben Nichols, Joe Kirk, Justin Cook, George Seal, Anthony Aston, Olly Welsh, Rachel Bowen, Neil Foster. Ian Jardine, Michael Scott, Dave Thom

Lighting Programmers:

Liam Jones, Jack Ryan, Vicky Brennan, Sam Ohlsson, Sarah Brown, Elliott Smith, Luca Panetta, Matt Quince

Assistants & Associates:

Liam Jones, Rob Casey, Jason Addison, Luca Panetta

lighting suppliers:

TSL - www.tsllighting.com

Encore - www.encore-emea.com

Sparks - www.sparkshire.co.uk

These names are not exhaustive and many apologies to any omissions Philip is very grateful to all of the teams he works with.

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